10 Unbelievable Stories of People Doing Things For Animals

Animals can be vulnerable sometimes. Due to the warm-hearted help, they come out of trouble. Here we compile 10 amazing stories man try to help them.

1. Little kitty in the trap

The kitten was seen struggling to get out of the canal. Two passing men stopped and teamed up to pull the bedraggled kitten out of danger.

2. Breath of life

This kitten was suffocating, just rescued out of a house fire. The firefighter had her wear his oxygen mask to help her breathe more.

3. Ramp it up

This old dog can’t jump in and out of the car as he was young and so his master uses a ramp to let him trot slowly in.

4. Saluting a hero

Kaiser, a police dog, was suffering from kidney failure and taken on his last walk to say goodbye to his colleagues. They salute him together to express thanks for all the work he has done with the police.

5. Pet Rescue

These doggies were headed in a truck for the slaughter somewhere in China when a rescue center decided to buy the lot for about $8000. Here is the rescue center staff playing and smiling with the happy pups.

6. Fawn escaped being drowned

This baby deer fell into the icy waters of the flowing river when chasing something and was pulled out by rescuers.

7. Pulled over pup

An officer stopped his car when he saw this soaked dog limping along the side of the road. Having found the dog’s leg had been run over, he immediately took the dog in for treatment and re-homing.

8. Never leave a friend behind

Flood waters hit this town, and this poor old dog couldn’t swim too well given its age. Here it was riding a piggyback on a man to a safety place.

9. Thirsty Koala

This poor Koala found itself caught in a Forest fire of Australia. Dehydrated from the heat and smoke, this man is helping it drink before taking it into care.

10. Head high

This little girl took this puppy aloft to keep it out of harms way as floods hit.

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