12 Cutest Male R&B Singers You Shouldn’t Miss

Here are some of the male R&B singers in the world who also happen to be amazingly gifted and successful. Let’s take a look at these cutest singers.


In the beginning, Trey Songz didn’t have any aspirations in the music field, while he changed everything through years. Later he has been nominated for two Grammy awards and also won the BET award for the best R&B Artist. Except for the awards mentioned above, he also did well in being an actor.


His real career happened in 2010 when Abel Makkonen Tesfaye published some songs anonymously on YouTube under the name The Weekend. He also released three mixtapes in 2011, which were critically acclaimed with three other studio albums. He has 87 nominations in total, including the Academy Award nomination, Grammy Award nomination, etc.


Being one of the best-selling singers in music history in America, Usher has over 75 million records worldwide to sell. He might not appear on the scene as much as we can see while he is still very hot. Ranked the top of the solo album for the whole 2000’s decade, Usher has won 8 Grammy Awards.


John Legend, also named John Stephens, is an American new soul singer. He is not just cute on his own, and later he married with the model Chrissy Teigen. The talent of John Legend has made him win ten Grammy Awards, one Golden Globe, and one Academy Award.


It is known to all that Tyrese was a former model, while he was also an actor, singer, author, songwriter and television producer. As an actor, he has been nominated for the NAACP Award for the outstanding performance in Baby Boy. Meanwhile, as a singer, he was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards.


As a singer, actor, and songwriter, Maxwell has been considered to be one of the people who helped shape the movement of neo soul, which was very popular during the late 1990s. Once he was called the Marvin Gaye of the 90s. Meanwhile, he has been nominated two Grammy Awards.


Regarded as one of the most successful artists of the 2000s, Justin Timberlake’s music has covered a variety of different types. He has about 305 nominations in total, which contains 10 Billboard Music Awards, 9 Grammy Awards, and 4 Emmy Awards. He became more and more popular and successful since then.


Chris Brown, born in May 1989 in Virginia, America. He has done a lot for his career, and most fans of Chris Brown would admit that he is a real cutie. Though he has spent some time in jail, before he has been nominated many times for the Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards.


As an R&B singer, Jamie Foxx is famous for his acting work and had a very successful career. Being the only fourth artist who has been ever to win the Academy Award for the acting role and has the top one album in the USA, he has tried his best to have a bright future.

10. TANK

Tank, also named Durrell Babbs, is a famous R&B singer, producer, and songwriter. He has been nominated the Grammy Awards, which made him much nearer to success. Meanwhile, he has contributed a lot to the musical film named Dreamgirls.


Kevin McCall, who has spent most of him time on collaborating with other artists for their songs, is an R&B singer. Once he has signed to Chris Brown Entertainment, however now he is also a solo artist. He has been nominated the Grammy Award for the Best Rap along with Chris Brown in 2011.


Timothy Bloom, a singer, record producer and songwriter, has won 2 Grammy Awards for his work. He also has won a big award due to the songs he wrong for Ne-Yo, Smokey Robinson, and Chris Brown. Named as the VH-1 Soul You Oughta Know Artist, he also released his independent album in 2014.

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