13 Warm Pics Show That Mom’s Love Is The Greatest Love Ever

1. Mom brings us to the world, going through hardship to give us life.

2. Without mom’s breast milk, we as vulnerable babies might be dead. 

3. Feeding us exhausts mom.

4. But just a sweet kiss will satisfy mom and cheer her up.

5. Mom protects us from outside threats with her soft shoulders.

6. And she teaches us life lessons with motherly wisdom.

7. Mom might criticize when we do something wrong or cause troubles, but it’s only to try to help us build good habits.

8. But sometimes we exhibit disobedience by not accepting criticism and lose our tempers.

9. Mothers always find it in their hearts to forgive.

10. A mom’s love is unconditional; she doesn’t seek anything from us but our own happiness.

11. For example, mom is always more excited than we are each time we make progress.

12. She supports our bold attempts and gives us the courage to pursue our dreams.

13. A mom’s unrequited and unconditional love makes it the greatest love ever.

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