15 Celebrities With Surprising Famous Parents

There are many Hollywood stars who are seeking fame with less-familiar names, but are publicly associated with their family members whether they like it or not. Here are 15 stars who come from famous families.

1. Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson gained great fame after starring in the film “50 Shades of Grey”. Her mother is Melanie Griffith, who has starred in the film “Crazy in Alabama”. Her father, Don Johnson, is also a renowned actor, producer, director and singer.

2. Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller had many successful movies, and his father, Jerry Stiller, also had more than 100 acting credits and had a comedy team with his late wife Anne Meara, who was one-half of a prominent comedy team in the 1960s.

3. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie was once named the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. Her father, Jon Voight, is also the recipient of Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for five times. He starred in the movies including Mission Impossible, National Treasure, Midnight Cowboy, and many more.

4. Chris Pine

Before getting the chance to play Captain Kirk, Chris Pine was nothing more than the son of Robert Pine, who is a distinguished actor and played roles in the Star Trek 2009 reboot and Star Trek Into Darkness as James T. Kirk. Chris’ grandmother Anne Gwynne was also a famous actress, as well as his grandfather Max M. Gilford who was the former President of the Hollywood Bar Association.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston never failed to amaze us as Rachel from Friends and has graced the cover of many beauty magazines. Maybe, she can give her thanks to her father for delivering her the acting bug. Her father, John Aniston, is also famed for his role playing Victor Kiriakis in the long-running TV soap opera “Days of our Lives” for the past 30 years.

6. Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke has created quite the buzz for himself. His father, Alan Thicke, has been active in the scene since the 60s as a TV host, songwriter, and actor.

7. Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is best known for starring in the hit TV series “Parks and Recreation”. But what you don’t know is that she is the daughter of famous record producer Quincy Jones of the Mod Squad. Quincy Jones is a world famous musician and composer.

8. Jaden Smith

Will Smith has three children, and he has passed his talent on his daughter Willow and son Jaden. Jaden has starred with his father in many movies like The “Pursuit of Happyness” and “After Earth”.

9. Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz is best known for her roles in movies like “After Earth”, “Insurgent”, and recently “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Her father is none other than the rock star Lenny Kravitz. Lenny Kravitz is a singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. He won the Grammy four years in a row from 1999 to 2002.

10. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is now known for the most shocking controversial, eccentric performance in pop music. In fact, her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a 90s country music star with a whopping 12 studio albums and 44 singles. He fully supports Miley’s demeanor and said his daughter is just doing her thing.

11. Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks rose to fame in his acting career as a role in a well-received TV series Roswell when he was 22. His father, Tom Hanks, the Oscar-wining actor, has played many legendary roles in movies like “Forrest Gump”, “Saving Private Ryan”, “Cloud Atlas” as well as many others.

12. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has played many roles in the movies such as “Fool’s Gold”, “The Skeleton Key” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” But all these great things have been destined since she was born. Kate’s father, William Louis “Bill” Hudson, is a singer and actor best known as one of the members of The Hudson Brothers. Her step-dad Kurt Russell is a well-known actor, who has helped raise Kate and her brother, Oliver Hudson.

13. Liv Tyler

With the sweet voice, innocent blue eyes, and luscious lips, Liv Tyler is so memorable as she starred in hit movies like “Empire Records” and “That Thing You Do.” Her father, Steven Tyler, is the lead singer of the band Aerosmith.

14. Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph has starred in many hit comedy movies like “Grown Ups”, “Idiocracy”, “Bridesmaids” and has also been a cast member of SNL for 8 years. She can thank her mother for giving her an incredible singing voice. Her mother, Minnie Riperton, was a 70s music icon and especially famous for her hit single “Lovin’ You”.

15. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney doesn’t only make her way on the fashion runway, but she rocks royalty thanks to her father, Paul McCartney. They are probably one of the most famous father-daughter teams in the world and they are often seen together, which is pretty awesome.

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