15 Famous Gay Men Who Once Married Women

These 15 famous gay men was once married with women. But most of the marriage didn’t end well.

1.Elton John

The marriage only lasted for 4 years and John ended it.

2.Tony Richardson

Tony was married to actress Vanessa Redgrave from 1962 to 1967. They had two children together.

3.Peter Allen

Peter married Liza Minnelli for 7 years.

4.Vincente Minnelli

Liza’s father Vincente married several women. However, he turned out to be gay!

5.Peter Marc Jacobson

Peter married his highschool girlfriend but later came out as gay.

6.Jack Wrangler

Jack opened stated that he’s gay, but he could never live a gay life as he’s too competitive.

7.Jonathan Plummer

Jonathan has been in a marriage for 7 years before he came out as gay.

8.James McGreevey

This former New Jersey governor was discovered to be having an affair with a man behind his wife.

9.Oscar Wilde

Wilde was imprisoned for two years for having sexual relations with a man.

10.Dwight Eubanks

Dwight is married to a woman who supports him all the way even after he admits that he still sleeps with men.

11.Alan Cumming

Alan was married to Hilary Lyon for 8 years before they divorced.

12.Richard Cromwell

The marriage only lasted 1 year before Richard came out as bisexual.

13.Little Richard

The musician was married for 4 years before divorce.

14.Eligin Charles Williams

Married in 1996, William divorced in 2003 and came out as gay.

15.Cole Porter

Porter was linked with several same-sex relationships, but he never publicly came out as gay.

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