15 Insane Pictures Taken Right Before Disaster

These pictures perfectly captured the moment just a second before disaster.

1. The sadness in the next second.

2. Sudden cold at ease.

3. Surprise from the intimate companion.

4. Fly up high in the sky.

5. Hey, guys, what have you seen?

6. What a beautiful waterfall!

7. Who took away my cake?

8. Oh, what is on this handsome man’s face?

9. Let’s take photos together.

10. Unexpected disasters.

11. What’s this thing? Get it off me! Oh God, it’s my tail!

12. Somebody’s gonna have a major brain freeze all day!

13. Last but not least, the vintage edition!

14. In the throat?! Maybe we should just ban frisbees.

15. Nice fall!

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