15 Puurrrfectly Timed Cat Photos That Will Make You Smile

There is just this magic about those little four-legged creatures that, no matter how weird or rude they choose to be, will always make us laugh. Below is a list of 15 perfectly captured funny cat photos.

1. This cat looks like a dad deciding whether or not he’s going to shovel the rest of the sidewalk.

2. Car rides are tough, but they’re a bit easier when you have a buddy like this by your side.

3. Don’t worry kitty. We feel the same every time we see a balloon.

4. Caught in the act, and the guilt is all over their faces.

5. When you are trying to tell a story but your friends aren’t listening.

6. When you interrupt a cat’s nap.

7. Paint me like one of your French girls.

8. Don’t look at me like that, I’m 21 in cat years.

9. This is a CAT-astrophe!

10. We should all be so lucky to have this show up at our door.

11. Mom is embarrassed, please do not judge her bad parenting skills.

12. Your human will do anything you tell him to – even act like a surfboard.

13. Don’t mind them, they’re just casually chatting on the chair like regular cat couples do.

14. Not our preferred relaxation conveyance, but to each their own.

15. That feeling when you realize you’re a cat being forced to wear a costume.

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