15 Stars From The Golden Age You Won’t Believe Are Still Alive

1. Olivia de Havilland – 1916

The critically acclaimed and forever remembered Gone With the Wind actress, Olivia de Havilland, is no doubt an icon of the Golden Age. She is the oldest woman to receive the British title of “dame”, an honor bestowed on her by Queen Elizabeth II just before turning 101 years old.

2. Christopher Plummer – 1929

We reckon that the 88-year-old actor hasn’t yet thought of retiring from the business since he won a much-coveted Oscar at the age of 82. What does age matter for an artist? So glad that he is still active in showbiz and can amaze us with his beloved golden-age vibe.

3. Doris Day – 1922

It’s an interesting fact that Doris didn’t know her real age until the Associated Press dug out her year of birth. Doris Day was born in 1922, instead of 1924 as she’d always believed. As versatile as she is, the star has entertained her fans as an illustrious singer and at the same time a highly regarded actress starring in movies such as Pillow Talk and Calamity Jane, etc.

4. Angela Lansbury – 1925

Best known as the star of Murder, She Wrote, Angela Lansbury has had a brilliant acting career spanning 7 decades, for which, she was given an honorary Oscar in 2013. Angela‘s mother was also an actress herself and encouraged her young daughter to pursue an acting career in Hollywood back then.

5. Kirk Douglas – 1916

One of the great Hollywood Golden Age actors still going strong, Kirk Douglas, celebrated his 100th birthday in 2016. He was born to be an actor and found himself a place in the Hollywood film industry with terrific acting in a wealth of movies, most notably Spartacus. His son Michael Douglas made an astounding revelation that Kirk is still working with a trainer now!

6. Marsha Hunt – 1917

Best known as a victim of the notorious Hollywood blacklist in the 1950s during the McCarthyism, Marsha Hunt portrayed many memorable roles in a wealth of popular films such as Born to the West, Pride and Prejudice, etc. Marsha married twice and had a son who is now deceased.

7. Peggy Stewart – 1923

Tough heroine-type actress Peggy Stewart started her career in 1944 and starred in 35 films, acting alongside many popular actors from the Golden Age. Ride, Ryder, Ride, Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp and other Western B movies made her a huge star. Amazingly Stewart can still be seen on the screen from time to time.

8. Ann Blyth – 1928

After her debut on the big screen in 1944 in a teenage musical, she made her breakthrough a year later in the back-then-hit Mildred Pierce, playing the role of Veda Pierce. It was a role that got her Oscar-nominated. As a mother of five children with James McNulty, she stepped a little back from the silver screen, so that she could take better care of her family.

9. Eva Marie Saint – 1924

The natural-born actress got an Academy Award for her debut role in On The Waterfront. She hasn’t appeared on TV since 2014 and leads a peaceful life after retirement. We want to explore what her anti-aging secrets are because she is still as graceful as ever at the age of 94.

10. Rhonda Fleming – 1923

Since being stopped by the well-known Hollywood agent Henry Wilson on the street and offered a contract when she was only 16 or 17, Fleming has appeared in over 40 films and distinguished herself as one of the most glamorous actresses of the Golden Age.

11. Sidney Poitier – 1927

Sidney Poitier, the first African American actor to win the Oscar and Golden Globe, not only represented his generation of black actors, but at the same time became a screen legend to filmgoers of the time. It’s still easy to be amazed by his outstanding performance in some of his hits like Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, Lilies Of The Field, etc.

12. Bob Newhart – 1929

As one of the true kings of TV, stand-up and recorded comedy, Bob Newhart shot to fame in 1960 when he released the comedic monologue album that successfully topped the Billboard list. His brilliant portrayal of Professor Proton in the most-watched sitcom The Big Bang Theory won him an Emmy Award.

13. Jerry Lewis – 1926

Entertainer Jerry Lewis, at the age of 92, hasn’t quite called it quits in show business. He was one-half of the Martin and Lewis comedy duo and was nicknamed the “King of Comedy”. During the period from 1951 to 1965, Lewis was voted as Hollywood’s top box-office draw with over $800 million to his credit worldwide.

14. Mel Brooks – 1926

Great actor, comedian, writer, producer and director Mel Brooks is certainly a man from many walks of life. As versatile and talented, he is one of the few who has nabbed an Oscar, a Tony, a Grammy and an Emmy in the industry. Now the grandpa figure seems not to think to much either about his aging or retirement.

15. Vera Lynn – 1917

“Being active and interested in life”, that is the secret that this centenarian told us about  how she has achieved a long life. Vera Lynn is an English singer, songwriter and actress who was enormously popular during WWII. We can never get enough of her songs like My Son, My Son, and We’ll Meet Again, etc.

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