20 Hilarious Airport Greeting Signs That Will Definitely Get Your Attention

What is the best way to express your love at the airport when your beloved ones have just come back home? Couldn’t figure out a better idea than an ingenious homemade sign, right? Then check out the list and try hard not to laugh!

1. “Smelly” One

Compared with the former sign, this one is obviously slapped together. What a genius to come up with this diarrhea-relief inspiration! Ok, it’s embarrassing, poor Sarah.

2. Make Full Use Of Your Kid 

Whoever sees this cute baby with the adorable sign will surely be touched. However, it’s time to relieve mom from taking care of him. Nice to have you home and it’s your turn, daddy!

3. Oh, Brutal World

Suppose the person she is picking up really comes from rehab, then it’s quite bittersweet to see such a sign. Hope it’s just a well-intentioned joke!

4. Chocolate Johnny Home 

Dressed in this epic costume, this Oompa Loompa is probably picking up his friend, Chocolate Johnny, who literally owns a Chocolate Factory.

5. All Wanted

It must feel quite good to embarrass other families with their ugly photos displayed in public. They did a real bang-up job on this one, so you’d better have your own terrible pictures deleted just in case.  

6. Catchy Yet Cringeworthy

In search of an idea to “embarrass” your wife at the airport? Then this guy might inspire you. Chances are she might be flattered, so just give it a whirl.

7. This Guy

To be frank, this poster is very creative. Seeing this picture, it’s no sweat to envision the joyful scene at their reunion. His babies have finally come home!

8. Welcome Home, ‘Babe!’

Don’t jump to a conclusion before you finish reading the last word. Good news does not always follow sweet words, so spare some effort and don’t be fooled. As regards fidelity, time when you’re not together will tell.

9. They Came Well-prepared

How would you feel if you see Vader and his buddies fully-armed to pick you up at the airport? It’s quite a spectacle alone, not to mention the “Vader” sign that is a nice touch. All passers-by may wonder which lucky dog will show up eventually.

10. Welcome Home, Mom, Sincerely

Mom is the master of housekeeping, especially for a family with kids. So, when mom is on a business trip, life for the rest of the family can be a total mess. SO good to see you mom, and by the way, we’re out of underpants! 

11. Hi There, Brother-in-law

Either you get along with your brother-in-law well or not, it’s a clever way to poke fun at them with this greeting sign. Well, hope only one guy shows up. 

12. Where Are You? ‘Idiot’ Cousin 

How about being picked up with a sign that reads “Idiot”? Ohh, don’t be pissed off. It reads backwards. A bold try, isn’t it? 

13. Help Me Out Of The In-laws 

Here comes another hilarious sign targeting their in-laws. Wait, it should be their to-be in-laws. Hope they have a sense of humor and get alone with you later.

14. Mum Or Dad

Perhaps one of the best ways to show your love to your mother who is back from a long hiatus overseas is to pick her up with a bit of humiliation. Also, the serious look is a “huge plus”.

15. Wifey Will Be Upset

Are you two sure to welcome the matriarch of the family in this condescending tone? Seriously? The house is a mess? If it is, I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

16. Sweetie Alert

Of all names the world can offer up, “princess” must be the one and only name that all girls dream of being called. Here is an example of a sign from the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. Boys, watch and learn.

17. Cash, Sugar Daddy

Here is a cheeky joke, and you can see it from the happy look on the face of that man. Well, nowadays, nothing’s off the table. Sugar Daddy, cash please. Hope passers-by don’t misunderstand.

18. Friends Like Them

It’s no surprise that we all have that kind of friend who bothers to travel to great lengths to play pranks on us. Now, at least 20 people think Sam has just come back from prison. Applaud this guy for his great attempt.

19. Take The Challenge

How does it feel when you are iced immediately after getting off the plane? It’s quite a challenge dropping to one knee and chugging an entire Smirnoff Ice at the first glance of the bottle. Maybe this can ease jet lag?

20. Prepare To Be Debriefed

This is a clever pickup sign. It’s often tough for military couples to get over the long periods of time without seeing each other. After a long-time apart, it’s sweet to choose this flirtatious sign rather than a sappy one to celebrate the reunion!

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