20 Hilarious And Perfectly Timed Images

Here we have a collection of pictures taken at just the right moment.

1. The dog is trapped by this freeze-frame bubble.

2. Gorgeous butterfly wings

3. Supermoon shot in Dubai

4. Perfect timing

5. Flickering beauty

6. Berta

7. A dragon fly and its own tattoo

8. What woman wouldn’t want a man that could turn his head 360 degrees?

9. Sailor moon

10. Feeling a bit horse

11. Popping a bubble

12. I said kiss me!

13. Tastes like victory

14. Hey! That’s my egg!

15. Doggone dentures

16. Ouch! Still a nice souvenir though

17. An alpaca head

18. What an adorable baby monkey!

19. First airborne journey

20. Where did you buy those nice pants?!

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