20 Surprising And Clever Uses For Toilet Paper Rolls

Believe it or not, the humble toilet paper rolls are just as useful as the paper that comes on them. You can make almost everything with these cardboard rolls, from cord organizers and pet toys to gift boxes and even phone speakers. Here are 20 genius uses for toilet paper rolls that are sure to blow your mind!

1. Neatly Store Your Cords And Cables

Nothing is more annoying than tangled, messy cords and cables. To keep them in order, all you need is old toilet paper rolls. Simply roll up each cord/cable and place it into an empty toilet paper roll. If you want to decorate the roll, do it! You can even write the cord name on the surface of the roll.

2. Hang Your Pants Without Creasing Them

You may like to drape your pants on the hanger, but it is a recipe for wrinkles. To prevent these wrinkles, just fetch some toilet paper rolls. Cut the roll open, wrap it around the bottom of the hanger, and tape it closed. So easy, huh?

3. Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

You can keep your bathroom smelling fresh with just one toilet paper roll and a few drops of essential oil. But do remember to sprinkle the oil on the inside of the roll, not the paper itself, as the harsh oil may irritate your skin. If the scent disappears, add several drops again on a different area of the roll.
Stay tuned to learn how toilet paper rolls can improve your vacuum.

4. Turn It Into A Pet Toy

Toilet paper rolls can make great toys for pets. Hamsters, rabbits, cats, and even dogs love to play with empty toilet paper rolls. Many animal shelters also accept toilet paper rolls, and if you don’t have a pet in the house, you can donate your unused rolls to them.

5. Prevent Wrapping Paper From Unraveling

Have you ever wondered how to store your wrapping paper after use? If you tape it, the tape may rip the paper the next time you use it. Here’s an easy fix: take a toilet paper roll, cut off one side, and slide it over your wrapping paper. You don’t have to tape the roll shut for it to work.

6. Improve Your Vacuum

If your vacuum doesn’t come with extensions that reach narrow places like windowsills or car seats, you can make your own with a toilet paper roll. Insert the roll into the end of the vacuum, and pinch the joint. The best part? You can always make a new extension as long as you have toilet paper in the house.
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7. Prevent Your Pets From Ruining Toilet Paper

Some pet owners find it hard to keep their toilet paper safe. Their pets love to scratch the loose toilet paper, which usually leaves the entire roll unraveled. To prevent this from happening again, tuck the loose hanging piece inside the inner roll. It’s simple, but it can save a lot of money in the long run.

8. Create Craft Gift Boxes

Don’t splash out on tiny gift boxes anymore, as you can make a good one almost without any cost. Just take out a clean toilet paper roll, pinch both ends horizontally, and fold one side over the other before gluing it shut. Then decorate it with anything you like, be it ribbons, stickers or wrapping paper. You can even color or draw on the surface.

9. Hide Your Money

Looking for someplace to hide your spare money? No spot is better than a toilet paper roll. Place the roll inside a mason jar, fill it with your valuables, and surround it with something decorative, like stones, paper, or M&Ms. Then pop a lid on the jar. Bet even the most experienced thief would never check there. You can also use this hack to prepare birthday gifts. It’ll certainly surprise the receiver!
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10. Control Your Hair Bands

Hair bands seem to end up everywhere, but you can’t find one when you need them. The solution? Wrap them around an empty toilet paper roll. You’ll know right where they are and where they aren’t.

11. Secure Sharp Knives

Want to safely pack your kitchen knives but don’t know how? Don’t worry. Toilet paper rolls come to your rescue. All you need to do is flatten an empty roll and tape one end. Viola! An easy knife sheath. If the roll keeps falling off, tape the other end, too.

12. House Seedlings

You don’t have to buy peat pots or pellets to grow new seedlings. Use toilet paper rolls instead. Make a series of 1- to 1.5-inch cuts around one end of the roll, about 1 inch apart. Fold the cut sections towards the center to create the bottom of your “pot.” Place the roll in a tub or bowl, fill it with soil, and sow your seeds.

13. Organize Your Socks

When it comes to storage, toilet paper rolls are king. By now, you may not be surprised to hear that these rolls can also stash your socks. Stuff one pair into one roll, and stack all the rolls into a box or your drawer.
Keep reading to learn how a toilet paper roll becomes a phone speaker.

14. Contain Plastic Bags

Don’t know where to store your plastic bags? The toilet paper roll is the perfect place to hold all those stray stuff. All you have to do is tuck the bags into the roll and let one end out so you can easily pull it out later.

15. Make A Bird Feeder

Here’s another creative way to use a toilet paper rolls! Cover the roll in peanut butter or honey, and roll it in birdseed. Hang the roll outside, and you have a classic bird feeder!

16. Make A Homemade Eyeglass Case

If you don’t want to pay extra for a glasses case, why not make one? For this simple method, you just need to flatten a toilet paper roll, seal one end with tape, and decorate it any way you like. It’s also a last-minute trick that could help if you lose your glasses case.

17. Design A Quick And Easy Phone Speaker

It may surprise you, but an old toilet paper roll makes a good phone speaker. First, measure how wide your cellphone is. Second, cut a rectangle in the roll that’s big enough to hold the phone. Then stick three or four thumbtacks into the roll to create a stand. Play a song, and you will know how different the sound is!
Read on to find how to turn toilet paper rolls into desk organizers.

18. Transform The Rolls Into Napkin Rings

With spare toilet paper rolls, you can craft pretty napkin rings that guests won’t even suspect they are recycled. To start, cut a two-inch ring out of the toilet paper roll. Then, you just need to decorate them. For example, you can glue some burlap and lace to the rolls. Such DIY napkin rings can be customized to fit any occasion.

19. Use The Rolls As A Fire Starter

Forget about spending money on fire starters. You can make one for free. Just stuff some dry lint inside the toilet paper roll, and you have the easiest fire starter imaginable.

20. Turn Toilet Paper Rolls Into Desk Organizers

With a bit of work, you can transform toilet paper rolls into perfect desk organizers. Cut the rolls down to different heights, decorate them with wallpaper or wrapping paper or whatever else you like, and connect them with hot glue. The rolls can hold scissors, writing utensils, tape rolls, and more inside.

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