20 Unedited Photos Unfold A Real Wild West

The Wild West world has been depicted by the media in a certain way, but what was it like really? Here is a chance for you to see the real Wild West for yourself.

1. Annie Oakley

Anyone familiar with the Wild West must have heard the name Annie Oakley – who was famous for her sharpshooting talent. Born in 1899, Oakley gained the skill because after her father died, she had to hunt for food. The gorgeous sharpshooter eventually married fellow gunman Frank E. Butler.

2. Sharpshooting Women

Besides Annie Oakley, there has been a long list of markswomen over the years. The unidentified woman in this photo is likely one of them. Others included Pearl Hart, Stagecoach Mary, and Calamity Jane.

3. Donkey Carrying Wood

During the Wild West period, horses weren’t the only animals that were put to work for cowboys. Donkeys were the trailers of the era, too. This donkey was loaded up with wood that might be for a fire or house repairs.

4. Affection Between Guys

It was reportedly quite common for two guys to show visible affection for each other during the Wild West era.

5. Native American Girl

Most newcomers to the United States might imagine that the indigenous people were savages. On the contrary, the young lady in the photo looks quite regal and dignified.

6. Lunchtime

Photos were expensive during the Wild West era, so many were taken for documenting a point in history. However, this photo caught a simple moment of two emigrants in Greenwood County, Kansas. They stopped for lunch, next to their wagon.

7. Coming Through

We can see here a Native American chief making his way through the settlers. On closer inspection, however, this seems to be part of a show.

8. Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill’s real name was William Frederick Cody. In the late 19th century, Buffalo Bill led a performance troupe with many notable performers, including Annie Oakley, Gabriel Dumont, and Goldie Griffith. This image was taken in 1900.

9. Goldie Griffith

Goldie Griffith was a part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. She wrestled, boxed, and was called “Heller in Skirts.” She was one of the first professional female athletes.

10. The Louisiana Purchase

This photo snapped in 1885, is a picture of the rush of settlers following the Louisiana Purchase. Hundreds of American settlers traveled westward in search of better land and a new life.

11. Western Territory

As a result of the Louisiana Purchase, America bought a large portion of French-controlled land at the cost of a mere $15 million! This is a picture of a family posing in front of their wagon while they were moving to the newly-established Western territory in 1886.

12. Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson, also known as Doc Susie, was a pioneering doctor. She was the first female to practice medicine in Colorado, and she didn’t retire until the age of 84.

13. Bob’s Saloon

Established by Robert Leavitt, Bob’s Saloon was quite popular during the early 1900s for the people in Jordan, Montana. Snapped by L.A. Huffman in 1904, this photo shows some cowboys relaxing in front of the saloon.

14. The Gold Rush

The men in this photo are prospectors searching for gold in the Northwestern territory. This photo is thought to have been taken in 1867.

15. Eleanor Dumont

Eleanor Dumont was first and foremost a businesswoman whose real name was likely Simone Jules. She appeared in Nevada City in 1854 and spoke with a French accent. Thereafter, she opened a casino and because of its huge success, she opened a second one. Sadly, she was later swindled by her conman husband, and in 1879, she took her own life.

16. A Real Cowboy

This photo shows what a typical-looking cowboy was like. It even seems that his horse was posing as well.

17. Horseback Riding

Horses were the primary means of transport for Native American tribes. Here in this picture is a group of Native Americans from the Brule Sioux tribe, which is a sub-tribe of the Teton Lakota people.

18. Busy Towns

In most western movies, we can often see empty streets with rolling tumbleweeds and creepy music. However, this photo proves that in fact, Wild West towns were often busy centers of trade.

19. Deadwood

If you have heard the HBO show Deadwood, this picture shows exactly what the historic Deadwood was like. Taken in 1889, it depicts a procession of stagecoaches that were part of the Omaha Board of Trade.

20. Men At The Bar

What’s happening in this photo seems to be absolutely authentic. A bunch of guys meeting up at a bar, drinking and talking. Some things never change!

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