22 Funny Wedding Dresses That You May Never See

1. Love Wings: She looks like a fairy queen with feathered wings on the dress.

2. Undefined Design: The design, decorated with pink flowers, with no defined lines, looks simple but not monotone.

3. Night Marriage: How wonderful the idea is that a dress can glow in the dark. 

4. Balloons Work: She looks lovely and youthful with a dress decorated with balloons.

5. A Hidden Design: This is a hidden design to match the shoes perfectly.

6. Blanket Dress: This rainbow blanket dress looks warm and might be a perfect choice for a wedding held in winter.

7. Orange Is The New White: Orange can be perfectly compatible with white for this beautiful dress. The shaggy dress tail makes the girl look like a princess.

8. Drinks Anyone? The bride probably wants to be a good host on her wedding day. But how about being a princess and getting served on that day?

9. Straight Out of Broadway: If you have a Broadway dream, this Broadway’s style of wedding dress may meet your needs.

10. Knights Templar: This noble dress is quite suitable for beautiful crusaders.

11. The Cupcake Queen: This unique dress is sure to be attractive. Can anyone refuse the delicious cupcake?

12. Recycling Wedding Dress: This is a very creative recycling wedding dress made out of Coke cans.

13. Static Dress: A static dress is another creative idea for you!

14. Origami: This folding pink dress looks mesmerizing and will be a great inspiration.

15. Red Dress: This off-the-shoulder wedding dress is a perfect fit for every skin tone.

16. Lemon Dress: If your favorite color is yellow, how about trying this lemon dress?

17. Noodle Dress: She may want to make a statement by wearing this dress made out of Ramen Noodle packages.

18. Nostalgic Dress: This dress may remind you of the sweet memories when you were still a teenage girl.

19. Rag Dress: It is perhaps another recycling dress with a colorful tail made out of rags. 

20. Playboy Bunny: She looks very sexy by wearing this skin-color dress decorated with a black mask and bunny ears.

21. The Queen Of Hearts: This dress seems a little exaggerated, but no one can deny its charm.  

22. Trick Or Treat: Halloween costumes have been brought to a new level: a Halloween wedding dress. Do you like it?

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