Barack Obama’s 22 Secrets You May Not Know At All

1. Obama’s Secret Tango

Obama was dancing the tango with a gorgeous dancer in a shimmery gold dress during the state dinner hosted by Argentina’s president on March 23, 2016.

2. Awkward Encounters

It had never been seen before in American history for a former president to openly express his frustration about his successor. When the two met, it really was an embarrassing situation.

3. The New Residence

Unlike most other ex-presidents, the Obama family remained in Washington D.C. after leaving the White House. The reason for the unusual decision was that Barack and Michelle didn’t want to unsettle Sasha, who was still in high school then. Their new 8,200-square-foot mansion was as palatial as the white house.

4. Another Job

If fate hadn’t let him enter politics, Obama would have become an architect.

5. Half Brother Tells All

In his memoir Dreams From My Father, Obama speaks highly of his father, which is a direct contradiction from his half-brother, Mark Obama’s accounts of their father in his memoir.

6. Date Night

Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson went to see the movie Do the Right Thing on their first date. Their first date inspired the romantic movie Southside with You.

7. A Not So Fun Stag Party

In 1996, Obama attended his half-sister’s fiance’s bachelor party but left as soon as the stripper arrived. It looks like he missed out on some fun.

8. Good Luck Charms

Obama has openly admitted to being overly superstitious. He carries with him two lucky charms – a Madonna and child statue and a bracelet that belonged to a soldier who was stationed in Iraq.

9. Broken Family

When he was only 2 years old, his parents got divorced. He spent the majority of his childhood with his mother and stepfather and later, with his maternal grandparents in Hawaii.

10. The Kindergarten Obama

Since kindergarten, Obama had shown an aptitude for study and was considered an eloquent student throughout his academic life.

11. Not A Supermodel

While in college, Obama applied to be a model on a black pin-up calendar, but the all-female committee rejected him. They must have regretted that decision.

12. No Coffee

Surprisingly, Obama doesn’t drink coffee. How on earth did he get through a day at the White House without a caffeine fix during his tenure?

13. Hey Big Spender

It is widely reported that Obama spends a lot of money during shopping sprees. Michelle is a lucky girl – she has a man that likes to go shopping.

14. Student Loan Troubles

Just like everyone else, the former President had a large student loan before entering office. He only paid it off in 2004 after signing his book deal.

15. Kenyans Are Fond Of Barack Obama.

In Kenya, an affordable and highly popular beer was named after Obama.

16. Favorite Music

Like most of us, Obama often listens to music. His favorite artists include Beyonce, Jay-Z, the Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder.

17. Obsessed With Comics

In an interview in 2008, Obama admitted that he loves collecting comics. He is a big fan of Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian.

18. An Expensive Education

Malia and Sasha attended the Sidwell Friends School, which cost about $70,000 a year each!

19. Equal Pay Inconsistency

Even though the Obama administration was in persistent pursuit of equal pay for women, female employees at the White House got paid less than their male counterparts.

20. Fit Family

The Obamas are known for their love of exercise. Obama himself can bench press 200 lbs.

21. Indonesian Adventures

Obama lived in Indonesia from the age of 6 to 10. It is believed that he enjoyed to feast on some of the local delicacies like snake meat and grasshopper.

22. Sasha’s Illness

As a baby, Sasha caught meningitis and the Obamas were fearful that she would have lasting nerve damage. Thankfully, Sasha recovered. It was thought that this experience was the initial motivation behind Obamacare.

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