If You Love GoT, Don’t Miss These Similar TV Series

With the sexy and violent fantasy series GoT approaching its end, many fans might start wondering “what am I going to watch next?” Don’t worry. There are plenty of other TV series that feature what fans love so much about Game of Thrones: the drama, the sex, the battles, the magic, the royal intrigue. Now scroll down and learn more.

1. Vikings

If you love GoT, but its nudity and violence are sometimes a bit too much to handle, Vikings should be your choice. It follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, a farmer who ultimately becomes the King of Denmark, as he terrorizes France and England with his constant raids. The plot and character development are artful, and as is the depiction of medieval Scandinavia.

2. Rome

If you are looking for a great storyline like GoT, Rome is your best bet. It was a lush, violent, sexy, and twisty HBO series and could have achieved some of Game of Thrones’ popularity, but was canceled after only two seasons. Good news is that you can still watch 22 episodes of this excellent series on HBO. Everything you need to know is covered in those few episodes.

3. The Tudors

The Tudors is the story of Henry VIII’s dramatic and bloody reign over England. Just like Game of Thrones, this show is all about politics and struggle for power. It might not be historically accurate, but its four-season run is still is a lot of fun to watch.

4. The Last Kingdom

Based on The Saxon Stories series by Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom will please you with graphic elements like eye-gouging, beheading, stabbing, and crucifixion. The show’s story is about Uhtred, an orphan born in Northumbria, who must choose between the people who raised him and his native country. Watching this series, you will witness not only all its memorable fight scenes, fantastical story and breathtaking photography but also its excellent characters.

5. Spartacus

If you like watching captivating and compelling bloody TV shows with violent scenes and plenty of nudity, then Spartacus is recommended. The series is based on the tale of heroic Thracian gladiator, who led a slave uprising against the Roman Republic. Though this show doesn’t dwell in fantasy, it has gladiators with swords.

6. The Borgias

If you prefer a show focused on power, family, religion, and affairs of both the heart and state, then you shouldn’t miss this one. The Borgias is centered on the life of an infamous crime family that controlled all power in 15th-century Italy. Rodrigo Borgia tries to secure his position as Pope Alexander VI with the help of his sons, marriage alliances and through murder and intrigue. It’s a shame that the Borgias doesn’t get as much attention or praise as GoT.

7. Outlander

If you are looking for a series with the feel of Game of Thrones including romance, violence, and intrigue, Outlander should be in your must-watch list. It is a story based on the actual time travel novels by Diana Gabaldon. The plot follows a married World War II nurse, Claire, who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1740th Scotland. Her heart tears between two totally different men in two irreconcilable lives, not to mention the fact that Scottish people think she might be an English spy…

8. Da Vinci’s Demons

This historical fantasy series follows Leonardo Da Vinci’s early years in Renaissance Florence. The story shows us an artist, inventor, a dreamer and idealist, lover, swordsman and a genius in his mid-twenties. It’s better not to complain about historical inaccuracy and just enjoy the show.

9. The White Queen

The White Queen is another historical drama about intrigue, murder, romance, and seduction. It follows three different, but equally relentless women, who will do everything in their power to find their way onto the English throne. If you need some entertaining historical drama, you should give it a shot.

10. Knightfall

If you enjoy swordplay and politics in the castle, give Knightfall a go. The series is primarily focused on the Templar’s leader, Landry, who is responsible for finding the Holy Grail. From the battles in the Holy Land to the betrayal that would lead to their dissolution on Friday the 13th – the most cursed day in the calendar, when everything is fated to go wrong.

11. Black Sails

Sex, violence, and nudity, Black Sails has it all. The plot follows the adventures of an infamous pirate of the golden age, Captain Flint, who has to maintain his control on an island overrun with thieves, pirates, and prostitutes. The first season helps you get acquainted with the characters and style of storytelling, which might be a bit slow for some, but don’t give up; the second and third seasons will change your mind.

12. Reign

Reign is a historical drama, depicting a 15-year-old Mary, Queen of Scots, who arrives in France to marry Prince Francis and has to face the political and sexual intrigue of the court there. If you want some entertaining historical drama, Reign is worth a try.

13. The Expanse

Based on a series of novels by James S.A. Corey (Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), The Expanse is a conspiracy thriller set in a future where humans have colonized the solar system. Mars has become an independent military power. Rising tensions between Earth and Mars have put them on the brink of war. Against this backdrop, a hardened detective and a rough ship’s captain are sent to investigate the Death of a space tycoon’s daughter. The Expanse deserves your attention.

14. Frontier

Khaleesi’s husband, Khal Drogo, got killed off fairly quickly in GoT, but he left a deep impression on audiences. He went on to play Aquaman and star in Frontier, which is a story about the 18th-century North American fur trade. If you like Jason Momoa, you should give this series a shot.

15. Narcos

Narcos is a crime drama series, following a story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine and also focusing on Escobar’s interactions with drug lords and various opposition entities. Like GoT, the conflict there will genuinely grab your heart.

16. Outcast

If you’re more of a horror fan, try watching this creepy exorcism drama based on a comic from The Walking Dead. The Outcast follows a story of a man who has been possessed by demons since he was young and his search for answers and redemption leads him into a relationship with Reverend Anderson, a West Virginia evangelist. Worth to mention, there are also plenty of unexplained mysteries to give your theory-hungry brain a workout.

17. Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy stars in this early-20th-century period drama as Thomas Shelby. The Shelbys’ story plays out as historical fiction, which is inspired by the exploits of real-life gangs based in Birmingham around the late 1800s and early 1900s. If you still miss GoT, take comfort in appearances from Locke (Noah Taylor), Doran Martell (Alexander Siddig), and the Night King (Richard Brake).

18. Preacher

The Preacher is based on the comic book series of the same name. It tells a story about a hard-drinking, chain-smoking preacher, Jesse Custer, who whilst enduring a crisis of faith, becomes infused with extraordinary power. He embarks on a quest to understand his new gift better and finds God, alongside his trigger-happy ex-girlfriend, Tulip, and new Vampire friend, Cassidy.

19. Queen of the South

Based on the Arturo Pérez-Reverte novel “La Reina Del Sur,” the show focuses on the story of a woman, Teres Mendoza (Alice Braga), who is forced to flee the country after her boyfriend is murdered and eventually ends up starting her own drug empire, becoming one of the world’s wealthiest women.

20. Wynonna Earp

Wynonna Earp is a faster, sexier, funnier show and follows a story of Wynonna Earp has been away from her hometown, Purgatory, for years but returns to reluctantly take on the role that is destined for: the demon protector. Her task is to take out Revenants, the resurrected souls of the criminals who were taken down at one time by her great-grandfather.

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