Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s $59 Million Lake Tahoe Compound

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, just spent about $59 million on two side-by-side mansions, Brushwood Estate and Carousel Estate, on Lake Tahoe, California. These two mansions are mainly for vacation, so they are largely kept private. Want to take an inside tour? Just scroll down!

1. The Bigger Retreat

The bigger house is called Brushwood Estate, once owned by San Francisco philanthropist Tamara Fritz. It comes with 6.2 acres, a 5,322-square-foot main house.

2. Real Estate Gold

Brushwood Estate is equipped with six bedrooms, a guesthouse, three yurts, and a private dock.

3. Perfect Place To Watch Sunset

The well-equipped lawn in front of the house is a wonderful place to sit out and watch the beautiful sunset.

4. The Marina

This mansion has three buoys of its own.

5. The Cozy Cabin

The beautiful home comes with a rustic-aesthetic style.

6. The Dining Room

This dining room looks more formal.

7. Cool Kitchen

The kitchen is well-stocked.

8. Lovely Bedroom With A Good View

We bet Mark and his wife Priscilla Chan will definitely love this bedroom.

9. A Perfect Place To Kill Time

The large room has plenty of spots for relaxation.

10. Game Room

This is another wonderful place to kill time.

11. Barbecue

Outdoor dining is definitely the right way to spend summer days.

12. Outdoor Hot Tubs

Sometimes, sitting in a heated bathtub is an excellent way to relax.

13. Grand Room

This luxurious grand room may accommodate a company.

14. A Perfect Lakeside Mansion

Everyone will love this house.

15. The Smaller Mansion

The smaller mansion, called Carousel Estate, is a charming Tudor-style home, built back in the early 1930s.

16. A Charming House

It spreads out on 3.2 acres of land and comes with a main house and two cottages featuring 14 bedrooms and 11.5 bathrooms.

17. What A View

The view from the home just might be worth the price.

18. Another Marina

We can say that in the future Zuck will have plenty of boats to dock up on the pier.

19. Ready For The Roast?

This will be a wonderful place for Mark and his friends to enjoy summer nights.

20. Rustic Style Again

It seems that Mark and Priscilla have a preference for rustic style.

21. Charming Cuisine

Mark and his wife will create plenty of yummy meals to enjoy after their lakeside activities.

22. A Room Full Of Sunlight

If Mark and his wife love to enjoy the sunlight, they can stay here.

23. Guest Room

Mark’s friends are lucky to stay at this lovely retreat.

24. Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are indispensable for winter days.

25. Perfect Location

Living in this gorgeous house with a beautiful environment must be a wonderful experience.

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