Meghan Markle’s New Life Won’t Be Easy Because Of 20 Strict Rules

People’s curiosity about Meghan Markle has increased ever since this commoner married into the royalty and added more tasks to her official duty list. Her every move now is under the watch of the media. To behave like a real royal though, Markle needs to follow a bunch of strict rules. Will she quickly adapt to these rules and be better than her sister-in-law Kate Middleton?

No jobs outside royal duties

Markle is a regular on Suits and appeared in numerous films. But marrying Prince Harry means she has to give up her beloved acting career. No more plans for future personal projects!

Keep good posture

It takes courage for Markle to sit cross legged in this picture! We never see the Queen or Kate cross their legs at official events. They usually put their legs side-by-side and slightly tilts them.

Shellfish is off the menu

If Markle is a fan of mussels or oysters, she is going to have to make a little sacrifice. Shellfish may get people poisoned if not adequately cooked or stored, so it is forbidden on the royal menu.

No fancy nail colors

Poppy red, ultra violet, metallic gold…All these bold colors are a no-no for Meghan. Like Queen Elizabeth and Kate, Markle has little choice of color for nail polish.

No jeans or miniskirts

Last year people still saw Markle making her appearance in a casual, laid-back style. Now there is a strict dress code for her to follow, it’s better to play safe. Markle, say goodbye to your favorite Mother jeans!

No PDA in public

Back in their dating days, the sweet couple were often caught having intimate moments by paparazzi. Now that Markle has a royal title, she should avoid displaying affection to Prince Harry in public, even just holding hands!

No social media

Markle is no longer allowed to use her social media account. Instead, the Kensington Royal account will share updates on her new life. I don’t know how Markle feels, but I would be so hopeless if I had to abandon my Facebook or Instagram account.

No selfies with the public

What would you do if you met Markle or Kate on the street? Ask for a selfie, right? Sadly, Markle is likely to refuse. Selfies are not encouraged by royal members because they prefer eye contact instead of having you turn your back on them.

No voting, nor political views

Markle is expected to remain neutral on political issues. It seems she must say goodbye to her social media where she used to freely express her opinions. She can also cross voting off her to-do list.

Travel abroad with a black outfit

Every royal member should carry a funeral ensemble when travelling abroad. This rule was set in place in 1952 when King George VI died suddenly, Queen Elizabeth was traveling abroad and had no mourning outfit when she returned to the country.

Playing Monopoly is a no-no

It may sound weird, but royal members are forbidden to play the board game of Monopoly in the Palace. Prince Andrew revealed the rule in 2008 giving the reason that “it gets too vicious”. Meghan has no choice but to follow suit!  

Curtsying is a requirement

Queen Elizabeth is the matriarch of the family. On official occasions, men in the Royal Family pay respect to Her Majesty by neck bowing and women by curtsying to her.

No traveling in the same vehicle as Prince Harry

Meghan will surely have loads of travel plans in her post-wedding day life. Sadly, she can’t take the same plane, boat or train as her husband. The purpose is to ensure the royal lineage won’t be affected in case of a fatal accident.

Maintain clean makeup

The Duchess of Sussex was reported recently wearing a highlighter at an important event. Uh oh, watch out Markle! Women of British Royal Family are supposed to use clean, simple makeup. I’m not sure if Queen Elizabeth took it as rule-breaking!

Pay attention to her hairstyle

Meghan used to appear in public with her signature messy bun. Even at her big wedding, she wore her hair in a low side bun. Maybe she should take a page out of Kate’s hairstyle handbook to give off a more structured look.  

Accept all gifts

Royal members are expected to accept all gifts. This friendly gesture draws the royal family closer to ordinary people. This is one of the cutest pictures of Markle I have ever seen.

Wearing hats at formal events

Queen Elizabeth has tons of beautiful hats of all styles. She could even hold a hat exhibition if she wanted! But seriously, royal women are required to wear hats at all formal events. Markle has been attentive to the rule so far!

Eat at the same pace as the Queen

When Markle dines with the royal family, if the Queen finishes, she should stop eating, too. Just remember to keep a close eye on the Queen’s plate!

No wedges

Another case of the mighty Queen! The Queen dislikes wedges and made the message clear among women in the Royal Family. If Markle is a fan of wedges, it’s probably time for her to change her wardrobe.

The sex of the baby must be kept secret until birth

Are you already speculating about when Markle is going to have a baby? Well, if Markle is pregnant, the sex of baby won’t be made public until it is born. Will the future child be as cute as Prince George or Princess Charlotte? Have a guess!

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