Princess Diana vs. Kate Middleton: 20 Twinning Moments

On the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing, we remember the People’s Princess through her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton in moments where the two seem to twin in dress and expression as if living in parallel universes. This makes us wonder, is Kate as happy with her marriage as it seems? Or is she going through something similar to what Diana had experienced. The following captured moments beckon closer examination before a possible unwanted truth becomes reality. before a possible unwanted truth becomes reality.

1. Classic polka dots

Diana: At the Royal Ascot race on June 15th, 1988;
Kate: Watching the 2017 Wimbledon on July 3rd, 2017.

2. Well-designed grey outfit with elegant dark blue hat

Diana: On a visit to Munich, Germany in 1987;
Kate: Attending a service of commemoration in London in 2017.

3. Every gentle lady needs a baby pink coat

Diana: In Sicily during the Royal Tour of Italy in April 1985;
Kate: At a garden party at Buckingham Palace in May 2012.

4. Gorgeous fiery long dress

Diana: At a movie premiere in November 1991;
Kate: At a reception in Thimphu, Bhutan in April 2016.

5. White dress with some unique patterns

Diana: On a visit to Canada in June 1983;
Kate: Visiting Bacon’s College in July 2012.

6. Royalblue fits Royal ladies

Diana: In Japan in May 1986;
Kate: Wearing Jenny Packham at a Bollywood gala in Mumbai, India in April 2016.

7. Refreshing mint green long dress

Diana: Attending a premiere in London’s West End in April 1993;
Kate: Meeting the Prime Minister of India in New Delhi in April 2016.

8. Pure white long coat

Diana: On a visit to the Isle of Wight in May 1985;
Kate: At Princess Charlotte’s christening in July 2015.

9. Elegant in Purple

Diana: At a dinner at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago In June 1996;
Kate: Celebrating Canada Day during the Royal Tour of North America in July 2011.

10. Greek Goddesses?

Diana: At the Grosvenor House Hotel in London in March 1985;
Kate: At the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal at St James’s Palace in London in November 2011.

11. Chic tartan coat

Diana:Touring Venice with Charles in 1985;
Kate:Visiting St Andrew’s School in November 2012.

12. Baby blue coat

Diana: At Easter services in April 1987;
Kate: Visiting Pembroke Refinery in Pembroke, Wales in November 2014.

13. Fuschia coat

Diana:Visiting Westminster in June 1990;
Kate:Visiting the Stephen Lawrence Centre in London in March 2015.

14. Here comes the most sacred wedding dress

Diana: At her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981;
Kate: At her wedding to Prince William in 2011.

15. Red is never out of fashion

Diana: Arriving at Birmingham Airport in 1984;
Kate: Arriving at Wellington Airport in New Zealand for the beginning of the Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014.

16. Army style

Diana: Attending the passing-out parade in Surrey in 1987;
Kate:Visiting Bletchley Park in 2014.

17. Muslim style

Diana: Visiting Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital in Pakistan in 1996;
Kate: Visiting Assyakirin Mosque in Malaysia in 2012.

18. Serious but lively Mazarine to suit the occasion

Diana: At the announcement of their engagement to Prince Charles in February 1981;
Kate: At the announcement of engagement to Prince William in November 2010.

19. Brightening and energetically youthful yellow

Diana: Visiting Alice Springs during the Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1983;
Kate:Arriving at Calgary Airport for the Royal Tour of North America in 2011

20. Beautiful mom in pin dots style

Diana:With Charles on the day after Prince William’s birth in 1982
Kate:With William on the day after Prince George’s birth in 2013

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