Rescued Shelter Cat Becomes A Nurse

This is the story of Radamenes, a cat in Poland who escaped death after surviving a serious respiratory infection. Radamenes was so sick that everyone thought he might have to be put down.

1. The vets had a feeling that maybe Radamenes still wanted to live. He didn’t want to give up on life.

2. Miraculously, Radamenes eventually started getting better and ended up making a full recovery!

3. Usually, the shelter would help a rescued animal find a forever home. But then they noticed something about Radamenes.

4. He surprised everyone. He loved all the animals who came into the shelter, and would show it by hugging and cleaning them.

5. Radamenes could tell which animals had undergone surgery, he would care for them the most.

6. The vets in the shelter think of Radamenes as their full-time nurse and perhaps an angel in disguise.

7. He spent his days taking care of the sick and recovering animals.

8. Cats are loyal animals, and Radamenes is no exception. He is always by his friends’ side when they are down and nearly out.

9. The study shows that the power of touch and ease indeed has a powerful effect when it comes to healing.

10. The sick and injured often heal quicker with the power of touch and ease.

11. He not only cuddles, but he kisses and hugs his buddies.

12. What an amazing animal!

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