Royal Couple Timeline: Kate Middleton and Prince William Before Marriage

1. Baby Kate and William – The Fairy Tale Started in 1982

In 1982, baby Kate and Prince William came to this world. They both seemed to have lovely families, but since the release of the documentary “Diana in her own words”, all things became hard to say.

2. Kate and William at 3 – Joyful Childhood

Kate has always been an energetic person since she was a little girl. While climbing on the rocks at the Lake District in Northwest England, she had never imagined she would be the future princess. Meanwhile, William was on his first day at Mrs. Mynor’s Nursery School in Notting Hill, London. He was carrying a striped sweater similar to what Kate wore on her clambering way, what a coincidence!

3. Kate and William at 4

Kate lived in Jordan for nearly 3 years. There she was with her father, Michael, and younger sister, Pippa in Jerash, Jordan for a happy tour. Far from Jordan in Britain, little prince was saluting like a real soldier.

4. Kate and William at 5

5 years old Kate had already grown to a pretty young lady. While William was still a carefree boy walking his royal dog.

5. School Time

Kate got her sporty style. She was the captain of the field hockey team (first row, in the middle) at St. Andrew School, Berkshire. In addition, she still kept the height-jump record there. At that time, William was at Eton College like other noble families’ children did. Like his future lover, our prince was also good at sports: he was the co-captain of the swim team.

6 “This is the place where I’m gonna meet you.”

Kate attended the University of St. Andrews in 2001. There’s an old tradition in St. Andrews’ Fresher’s Week called “Raisin Monday”, allowing students, especially freshmen, to pelt each other with foam. Of course, the sporty girl Kate had so much fun in this event.

7. “Prettiest Girl in Her Hall”

By the end of Fresher’s Week, Kate was named “Prettiest Girl in Her Hall” at St. Andrews.

8. Skating Style

Before you know Kate as the style icon, she did have a period of time taking risks with her outfits.

9. I wait all the time just to fall in love with you.

Both Kate and William attended the University of St. Andrews. Then everyone knew how Kate caught the eyes of prince William at the campus charity fashion show. We couldn’t say whether this is the exact moment that William fell in love with Kate, but she’s undoubtedly stunning on the stage.

10. Young Love

Just look at them. Nothing is sweeter than young love.

11. Start a New Phase of Life

In 2005, Kate and William graduated. Happy graduation!

12. Support Each Other’ Career

After graduation, Kate started her career as an accessories buyer for fashion chain Jigsaw. While prince William joins the elite Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst. In 2006, Kate’s attendance at the prince’s graduation ceremony as an Army Officer made it clear that she had been accepted into the royal family.

13. Split Time

However, there were ups and downs as their relationship went on. In 2007, they broke up shortly after the Cheltenham Festival. They were found partying separately.

14. Back Together Again

Luckily, the break up only last a couple of months. They were shot leaving a nightclub together. Years later, Prince William talked about their time apart in an interview, claiming it was a positive experience which gave them more space to grow up.

15. The Royal Marriage

After that, you know the story: the royal engagement and marriage. Princess Diana would be pleased if she saw William and Kate being so in love together. Best wishes.

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