See Inside Mike Tyson’s $2.5 Million Las Vegas House

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has purchased an 8,149-square-foot mansion in the Seven Hills community, Nevada for $2.5 million. The new house is just down the street from his former one, which now has been listed for $1.5 million. 

1. The Italian-Style Mansion

Tyson, who earned $400 million during his 20-year professional career, filed for bankruptcy in 2003, claiming to have $23 million in debts. Apparently, Tyson has succeeded in overcoming his financial issues, since he is able to afford a place like this now. 

2. The Massive Space

The house is immense, at 8,149 square feet, featuring 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and a master suite with a step-up soaking tub. There is definitely more than enough space, inside and outside, for Mike Tyson, his wife, and their two kids to enjoy life.

3. The Exterior

The exterior features lush landscaping and towering palm trees, a large resort pool, and a perfect seating area. 

4. The Backyard

There is also a mini pool and fountain in the backyard. The spacious area behind the mansion also has a stretch of gardens all filled with exquisite plants. 

5. The Outdoor Kitchen

Maybe Tyson just plans on being outside a lot to enjoy the Las Vegas weather. With an outdoor grill setup like this, it is not too hard to imagine him never wanting to cook indoors. 

6. The Entry

Then we come to the interior of the dwelling. The two-story home opens in grand fashion to a double-height foyer with marble flooring and a sweeping wrought iron staircase.

7. The Living Room

The high-ceilinged living room is spacious and well lit. 

8. The Entertainment Room

The entertainment room features a fully loaded bar, which makes the room ideal for entertaining guests.  

9. The Bedroom

There are six bedrooms spread throughout the house, including this spacious master bedroom. 

10. The Bathroom

If there is one thing that makes spending money on a mansion like this OK, it is the bathroom. This is truly a bathroom fit for a king. 

11. A Walkout Balcony 

The view from the bathtub is also marvelous. 

12. The Dining Room

Eating in this dining room would be an absolute pleasure. 

13. The Kitchen

This beautiful kitchen features two ovens, and opens up into a large living room with an entertainment wall. 

14. The Wine Cellar

This area of the kitchen leads to a temperature regulated wine cellar, that holds more than a hundred bottles of wine, as well as other bottled drinks. 

15. Tyson’s Former House On Sale For $1.5 Million

Tyson’s new mansion is just down the street from his former house, which was bought from NBA star Jalen Rose for $1.75 million. This house has now put up for sale for $1.5 million. So buying the 5,700-square-foot, 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom house will definitely be a juicy deal, not to mention an opportunity to live next to the legendary boxer.

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