The 7 Safest Cities For Women To Travel Alone In Europe

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a fairy tale like a small town feeling city where new meets old, featuring ancient buildings and towering skyscrapers. Many state-run museums are free admission, and Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park -the world’s oldest- is a must-see. A unique service called ‘Meet the Danes’ is perfect for solo female travelers as it arranges traditional Danish meal with local families. Be sure to visit the goddess Gefjun fountain that depicts the mythology of Denmark’s creation and magic within Norse religion.

6. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a beautiful and vibrant walk-able city, loaded with lovely parks, free city events, music and shopping. The best ting to do here is taking a walking tour to fully appreciate the city’s cultural heritage. You’ll delight in the 20th-century architecture, the Helsinki Cathedral and the National Museum of Finland. Don’t miss taking a dip in Yrjönkatu Indoor Swimming Pool- the oldest built in 1928, where women have a sauna and swim without any clothes on.

5. Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway’s largest city, is a great cultural city overflowing with things to see and do. Female solo travelers will feel safe and comfortable wherever they stay, particularly on the women-only floor of the 130-year old Grand Hotel where rooms are all stacked with books, magazines, a yoga mat, toiletries and a female room-service menu, all free of charge! The 80 acres Vigeland Sculpture Park, featuring 212 bronze and granite sculptures, will draw you into a wonderland. Be sure to visit vibrant nightclubs or theaters here, and you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

4. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich in Switzerland is incredibly safe and downright breathtaking. The Snow-capped Alps loom in the background. Museums, art galleries, cobblers, tailors, metal smiths, candle makers, jewelry makers and watch makers fulfill the streets. Choices of accommodations are endless, especially the Lady’s First Design Hotel built particularly for female travelers. The ancient center is the perfect place to stroll through the winding lanes and Zuri-West is where to find the hottest nightlife.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik in Iceland has topped the safest countries for women to travel alone for as long as it can remember. It’s not only the ultimate travel adventure for outdoor-lovers but also a wonderland for the indoorsy type. Enjoy yourself to the glacier hiking in the Pingvellir National Park, skiing at Blafjoll and Viking horse riding at Thingvellir or treat yourself with the chance to relax and de-stress in the thermal pools and spas across the city.

2. Bruges, Belgium

Straight off a postcard, Bruges in Belgium looks like a town out of some fairy tales, loaded with cobblestone streets, historic houses and canals. Visitors here will be inspired to take long strolls throughout the winding cobblestone streets and enjoy Belgian pints of beer by street side cafes. A range of good hotels along with budget hostels can meet any travelers budget. This city is extremely safe for female travelers as locals are willing to lend a hand if needed.

1. Stockholm, Sweden

Known for gorgeous modern architecture, friendly people and captivating waterways, Stockholm, in Sweden, is a lovely cosmopolitan city, built on over 14 islands and connected by over 50 bridges. Women here are treated equally like men, so you’ll face no issues regarding harassment, drink spiking or pickpocketing. In its modern and multicultural avatar, you can have a great experience of Nordic culture. English is widely spoken here, so you’ll have no trouble finding people to talk to.

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