The Twins Shock The Media When Their Birth Proves To Be One In A Million

Twins usually have a closer bond than most siblings, especially when they’re identical. Four-year-old twin sisters Jenna and Jillian absolutely hate to be apart. But it’s not surprising as their birth was truly one of the most jaw-dropping of all time.

1. A Twin Surprise

Given that there was no history of twins in their family, mother Sarah and husband Bill were shocked by the news when they had their ultrasound at 19 weeks. Thankfully, the couple was up for the challenge. However, their twins were no ordinary twins.

2. A High-Risk Pregnancy

Jenna and Jillian were rare because they shared one amniotic sac – a condition that affects about 1 in 10,000 and put them at a high risk for complications. The biggest risk was that the twins would become entangled via their umbilical cords.

3. Too Close For Comfort

To minimize the risks, their mother, Sarah, had been on enforced bed rest for 57 days and was monitored closely before delivering the two girls. Surprisingly, the twins’ rare entrance into the world ended up turning them into national celebrities, and for a very unusual reason, too.

4. A Health Surprise

The twin girls were born 7 weeks earlier with very few health issues. It was a surprise to many experts as having no complications was something close to miraculous under the circumstances. However, something even more unique piqued the interest of doctors.

5. A Birth Surprise

Despite being in the same amniotic sac, the girls were born 47 seconds apart, and as soon as the doctors held them close to each other, the girls immediately grabbed one another’s hand. The gesture stunned everyone in the delivery room and skyrocketed them to stardom!

6. Little Hands Of Love

“I heard Dr. Wolfe say, ‘Oh my gosh, they’re holding hands,'” and then they held them up to me. “I couldn’t believe they were holding hands. That was amazing. It was beautiful,” Sarah said. Their hand-holding wasn’t just cute, but a really special event.

7. Who Is Who?

Like most twins, the two girls are practically identical. Their parents usually tell them apart by one tiny detail – a small blue vein that runs across Jillian’s nose. However, their older brother Jaxon is the one who can tell who is who the best, and his reasoning is precious.

8. Big Brother

Jaxon’s reason for being good at identifying his little sisters is “he knows them best!” His brotherly love sure is something to smile about. But it’s the twins’ special bond that leaves everyone in awe, as it seems to even have healing powers.

9. Sister Soulmates

The two have maintained their close bond since birth, and now they refuse to do anything alone. If one goes into a room without the other, there will be plenty of tears until they are reunited once again. They demand to do everything together, which definitely keeps their parents on their toes!

10. Joined At The Hip

As they got older, their intertwined lifestyle made it even harder to keep them separate. This inexplicable bond is something that doctors all over the world are interested in because evidence has shown been that in crisis situations, their physical presence can actually heal.

11. Special Twin Bonds

There was another case where the bond between twins was examined. On one particular occasion when the sister hugged her twin brother who was close to death at the time, his condition IMMEDIATELY improved. It begs the question – is there something more we still don’t fully understand about this special bond?

12. Unbreakable Bond

The twins are healthy, loved and cared for 24/7! Their bond not only strengthens their individual personalities and life experience but their health too. Their mother said that while they are definitely a handful, they are also a lot of fun and continue to surprise her every day.

13. Love And Support

Since the birth, the twin girls have continued to gain attention from friends and strangers. The family is looking forward to sharing what comes with the media. We look forward to checking in on the girls 15 years from now! We wonder if they will be going to prom together?

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