The Untold Facts About Scarlett Johansson

1. Scarlett’s mother was also her manager

We all know Hollywood is a tough industry. Luckily for Scarlett, her mother Melanie Sloan was always there to help her. As an aspiring actress herself, Melanie fed her children with a steady diet of classic films and enrolled her daughter in the famous Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute for Young People. She was Scarlett’s manager from 1992 to 2009, during which time she used to take home 10 percent of her daughter’s income.

2. Hot twin alert!

As if one Johansson was not enough to astonish the world, she also has a gorgeous twin brother. Hunter Johansson may not be as famous as his superstar sister, but he’s got an impressive resume under his belt, too. He worked as a part of President Obama’s 2008 campaign and his reelection. Hunter also served as a community organizer for Scott Stringer, former Manhattan Borough President.

3. She is no stranger to high-profile romances

Over the years, the gorgeous actress has been through two marriages. The first one was with Ryan Renolds. They wed in 2008 after being engaged for only four months. The marriage ended in 2011 due to the competitiveness between the two Hollywood stars. Four years later, Scarlett married French journalist Romain Dauriac, with who she had a daughter named Rose. The romance ended three years later. Now she is co-parenting Rose with her ex after a battle over custody. Recently she’s been dating Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update anchor, Colin Jost.

4. Some of her early movies are box office flops

Scarlett mostly appeared in minor roles as a child and a teenager. Her breakthrough movie was Ghost World, directed by Terry Zwigoff and co-starred by Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi. The movie was a box office failure, grossing 8.7 million dollars against a 7 million budget. But it achieved cult status and won Scarlett a Toronto Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actress.

5. She also has a musical career

The multitalented star has released three albums so far. In May 2008, Johansson released her debut album Anywhere I Lay My Head. Critics considered it a “bravely eccentric selection.” In September 2009, Johansson and singer-songwriter Pete Yorn released a collaborative album, Break Up, which reached number 41 in the US. In 2018, Johansson collaborated with Pete Yorn again for an EP titled Apart, released June 1.

6. She doesn’t always get the part she wants

When Scarlett was younger, she auditioned for the 1995 movie Jumanji, but the role eventually went to Kirsten Dunst. She also lost out on the role of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because “she was too attractive.” She was also rejected for the role of Fantine in Les Misérables, which went to Anne Hathaway and won the latter an Oscar.

7. She is very vocal about social problems and is considering a role in politics

Scarlett attended the Women’s March on Washington in January 2017, delivering a powerful speech to the massive crowd about Planned Parenthood and its importance. She is also an advocate of the Time’s Up movement against sexual harassment. In fact, she is considering a role in politics if she can spare some time away from her family and career.

8. She was Katy Perry’s muse

“I kissed a girl” was the lead single from Katy Perry’s sophomore studio album, One of the Boys. The singer revealed that the inspiration for the song came to her when she saw a picture of Scarlett Johansson from a magazine. She even said she would make out with Scarlett. To that, the actress, who was married to Ryan Renolds, responded she was flattered but her lips were already taken.

9. She was the highest paid actress in Hollywood in 2018

According to Forbes, the Avengers star earned $40.5 million from June 1, 2017, to June 1, 2018, making her the highest earning actress in Hollywood. Thanks to her excellent performance as Black Widow, Johansson quadrupled her 2017 earnings. She also nearly doubled Stone’s top mark of $26 million in 2017.

10. The Black Widow’s fear

You would never guess such a strong and talented woman would be afraid of birds. During an interview, she said the wings, beaks and flapping are terrifying. Funnily enough her uncle is scared of birds, too. Maybe it runs in the family. She is also afraid of cockroaches.

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