You’ll Laugh Out Loud At These Hilarious Fishing Photos

Fishing has been around for thousands of years. In the beginning, people fished for survival, but nowadays it’s a sport of relaxation and enjoyment. However, despite its calm reputation, it can still have its mishaps. Luckily for us, many people have been able to catch these mishaps on camera. So, sit back and get ready to have yourself a good laugh at these unfortunate people.

1. Catch Of The Day

This guy really hit the jackpot and caught himself a girlfriend. Of course, this is not true. But you can’t deny that he’s super fortunate to not only have a woman to go fishing with, but also one that has a great sense of humor as well.2. 

2. Fish Ruler

Competition in fishing is huge and it’s always exciting to participate. Winners are decided by the height and weight of the fish they catch. So, one must have a scale or ruler. This guy clearly lost his rulers, but he found a solution to that and made a little plan of his own.

3. Road Reeling

This guy is also an optimist! He knows that there lies an opportunity in every situation, no matter how difficult the situation may seem.

4. Saturday Is Saturday

For the last 53 years, Sidney has come to the same lake for some fishing. He made himself a promise that he would keep coming for as long as he could. Clearly, he still can! 

5. Mermaid Friendly

Firstly, this is great. Dogs need to know how to keep their humans on leashes. Secondly, this is amazing. Those with gills and feathers can do want they want in the water.

6. This is one clever fish.

If you are a frequent fisher, you may not want to stay for hours. By putting your rod in a rod stand, you can go back to your room and relax. However, this fish is outsmarted, and he just decided to swim underneath the poles.

7. I Didn’t See A Sign

There must be some good fishing; otherwise, these men would notice the sign.

8. Tug O’ War

This guy looks like an avid fisherman, but he was clearly never ready for a fight. Just look at the grip. We can only hope that he was more successful than it seems.

9. Seize The Moment

When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. When a flash flood occurs, pull up a chair and grab a fishing rod. After all, that’s what fishing all about, right? Hopefully, this guy inspired others to make the best out of an unfortunate situation.

10. Cat Calling

Let me get this straight. These two fishermen paddle into the water to catch the fish, and then the cats wait for them on the shore? Seem like a pretty good deal for the cats.

11. Sofa So Good

“How is life going?” “Sofa so good?” This guy had got everything with which to make his day comfortable. A television, a comfy sofa, and a cold beer to drink.

12.  Neck Deep

Fly fishing has become one of the most popular ways to fish for enjoyment. You have to become one with the water in order to be successful, which means that you have to submerge at least the bottom half of your body in the water. This man, however, had a brilliant idea. Why stand in the water when you can float on the water on an awesome blow-up giraffe?

 13. You’re Doing It Wrong

Man, or man. If this happened to you, then you know how annoying and frustrating it is. All you want is to release a little line.

14. Snack Table

Fly fishing is not the best activity if you enjoy snacking. Fishing requires you to be in the water, which it is not the best place to carry food. This man created a way to have the best of both worlds by simply putting a tray on top of a kid’s dinghy. What a smart guy.

15. Sewer Fishing

I don’t know what this guy is fishing for, but I don’t really want to know. Things from the sewer should definitely be catch and release.

16. Arkansas Lawn Chair

All you need before you go out fishing in the water is a piece of wood, a lawn chair and a motor. If you can get all those things ready, then you can get around the water without any problem.

17. Interesting Paddle

You can make a paddle out of about anything. This guy is a living proof. I bet he has many fishing tricks as well.

18. Hammock Kayak

Now this is one of the most relaxing way to fish. Lay back and all the sudden you won’t care if you don’t catch a thing. Good move, man!

19. Aquarium fishing

Two guys who want to fish, but are just too tired to leave the house. Happy fishing, guys!

20. When fishing is life

Everyone has something that they love more than life itself. This guy happens to love his fishing poles, and to be honest, we are not sure that he likes fishing at all. But fishing poles, sure yes!

21. Long Lost Brother

Maybe you have heard the story of the siblings that were lost at birth and met up several years later. Well, have you ever heard of a story like this one?  This is the story of a guy who found his long-lost brother, a fish.

22. No fishing, no problem

Hopefully, nobody tries to fish or dive from a bridge that isn’t even over water. However, who knows? Some people are just crazy.

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